Webinars from NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments: Spring activity

Webinars from NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments: Spring activity


On Wednesday, May 15th, a “Image Processing and Analysis in Scanning Probe Microscopy: Key Aspects and Receipts” webinar will be held.

Dr. Stanislav Leesment will talk about image processing and analysis in scanning probe microscopy as well as sample preparation and image acquisition - the critical stages of working with SPM. Results of whole work strongly depend on how the data is processed and analyzed. During the webinar lecturer will go through the main phases of SPM image processing, analyze most common mistakes and give receipts for couple of challenging cases. Second part of the webinar will be devoted to a number of image analysis methods which allow to get the quantitative information from SPM data.

Webinar will be held on Wednesday, May the 15th at 8-9 AM PTD (3-4 PM GMT). Please check your local time zone at the registration page.
In the previous three months, the following webinars were held.

"ScanT™: a Shortcut to Reliable AFM Results", presented by Dr. Vyacheslav Polyakov.
The webinar addressed to scanning parameter setting automatization for amplitude modulation AFM (AM-AFM).
The webinar recording is available here.

AFM-Raman, SNOM and TERS: Recent Advances and Applications”, presented by Dr. Artem Shelaev.
The webinar is dedicated to applications and new achievements of combined systems based on atomic force and optical microscopy.
The webinar recording is available here.

AFM Applications for Smart and Functional Materials Studies”, presented by Dr. Stanislav Leesment.
The webinar addressed to the latest achievements in SPM instrumentation and methods as well as review numerous examples of its applications to nanoscale studies of smart and functional materials published by leading scientific groups worldwide.
The webinar recording is available here.

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