About company

About company

For many years specialists at NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments (NT-MDT) group of companies have been involved in the development, production and support of research equipment, primarily Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) and their combinations with ultra-high resolution optical spectroscopy. Our journey has been marked by the creation of a large number of devices, the functions and capabilities of which cover a wide range of customer needs in various fields: university education, academic and industrial research. NT-MDT’s pioneering efforts have resulted in an impressive combination of Scanning Probe Microscopy with Raman spectroscopy and advanced optical microscopy techniques.

Today, Scanning Probe Microscopes and systems that combine AFM methods and various methods of optical microscopy and spectroscopy for nanoscale objects developed at NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments group of companies are known all over the world. The innovative business of NT-MDT is represented by companies in the USA, Ireland, China and Russia, united by common registered trademarks NT‑MDT and NT‑MDT Spectrum Instruments, as well as by distributors in more than 30 countries around the globe!

NT-MDT S.I. latest developments:

  • High throughput and fully automated AFM VEGA with 200 mm wafer holder;
  • NTEGRA Nano IR system – integration of high resolution AFM and IR interferometer that provides less than 10 nm spacial resolution;
  • NTEGRA Spectra II – a new generation of fully automated system that combines high resolution AFM and confocal Raman spectrometer with high spectral resolution. Low thermal drift and stability of this system enable Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering mode for tens of nanometers in optical resolution;
  • NEXT II – fully automated AFM/STM system with the widest range of AFM modes available on the market;
  • Solver Pipe II – the only AFM in the world that allows to run non-destructive tests of materials in the field and factories.

Key features of our AFMs:

  • The widest range of AFM modes delivered in standard configurations 
  • The highest level of automation, including but not limited to: self-testing, automated configuration for each AFM mode, laser alignment, tuning of scanning parameters, etc...
  • Lowest thermal drift

We are also proud to deliver to our customer’s one the best after sales technical and applications support, in comparison to other manufacturers worldwide.

Customer, Technology, Integrity – this is the foundation of NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments group of companies that helps us to be a leader in nanoscale analysis worldwide for decades.

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