NTEGRA Marlin: Bringing SICM to Your Research

NTEGRA Marlin: Bringing SICM to Your Research


NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments proudly introduces the recording of the webinar presented by Prof. Yuri Korchev: “NTEGRA Marlin: Bringing SICM to Your Research”.

The webinar took place on March 17, 2020.

Introduced more than 3 decades ago by Hansma et al., Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) has been developed by different groups and companies. However, the progress of SICM becoming a common tool for studies at the nanoscale, like one that happened to AFM, was quite slow due to different technological reasons. The technological breakthrough was introduced by group of scientists and engineers lead by Prof. Yuri Korchev. Honed in electrical, software and mechanical aspects SICM has become enough fast, reliable and simple to be used in common applications. Combined with NT-MDT technologies the system has been empowered by combination with AFM and Raman and introduced as a joint product of NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments and ICAPPIC Inc. as NTEGRA Marlin.

During the webinar, Prof. Yuri Korchev (Imperial College London) has introduced a wide range of SICM applications to biological and local electrochemical studies.

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