Polydays 2016

Polydays 2016


NT-MDT was proud to be Gold Sponsors of Polydays 2016.  The conference took place in the University of Potsdam, Germany September 28th – 30th 2016.  

Polydays 2016 main topic addressed the question “How to introduce different functionalities to polymer materials”.   The conference also compiled three major lines of research towards functional polymer systems (i)what we can learn from Nature (ii) how we can make the best use of the specific mechanical, optical, and electrical properties and (iii) how we can introduce new functionalities through the incorporation of inorganic materials.

Representing NT-MDT at Polydays 2016 was Dr Sergey Lemeshko (email: lemeshko@ntmdt-si.eu), one of our well known and reputable Sales managers for the German Market and Sinéad Quinn (email: quinn@ntmdt-si.eu ) from the Marketing Department.   

NT-MDT proudly presented the TITANIUM device, the latest in AFM innovation on which live demonstrations was performed by Dr Lemeshko. Please follow this link for further information on the TITANIUM device https://www.ntmdt-si.com/automated-afm/atomic-force-microscope-titanium

NT-MDT would like to sincerely thank those that came to visit us at Polydays 2016 and look forward to meeting you at future NT-MDT events and workshops.

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