NT-MDT to Reorganize as NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments to Keep Its Lead in AFM and AFM - nano-Raman/IR


NT-MDT, a leading provider of Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM), announced today a reorganization of its corporate structure to become NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments Group. In the new form, NT-MDT’s businesses will continue delivering to its customers the widest range of AFM modes available on the market combining them with the most reliable and easy to use optical methods such as confocal Raman and nano-Raman, IR and s-SNOM spectroscopy. Such powerful integration along with the most comprehensive customers support will keep NT-MDT Spectrum Instrument Group in a leading position of high technology tools and systems provider for industry and research.
  "Over the last 26 year, we achieved spectacular results with NT-MDT team, by developing and manufacturing superior AFM systems for the labs all over the word. As scientific community demands more and more comprehensive systems to explore nano-world, we decided to reorganize structure of our company into the NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments Group to expand our capabilities.
This will help us to expand  wide range of AFM modes, such as quantitative nano-mechanical, electrical and other measurements with vibrational spectroscopy methods (nano-Raman, IR, s-SNOM and other). As the leader in Atomic Force Microscopy for the decades, we strive to deliver cutting edge technology systems to our customers and bring their labs to a new research level ".

  Honorary President of NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments Group
The founder of NT-MDT
Bykov V.A
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