Intelligent ScanT™ Software from NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments

Intelligent ScanT™ Software from NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments


NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments marked the beginning of 2019 with the launch of the Intelligent Software Module - ScanT™.

ScanT™ module helps to acquire a new quality of AFM results, which greatly facilitates the use of the most common AFM technique - amplitude-modulation (semi-contact) being used with Nova PX software. The ScanT™ module allows you to automatically acquire images that are free from artifacts with minimized noise level.

Automatic adjustment of scanning parameters and image processing are carried out by using the ideology of neural networks. By requiring minimal knowledge of sample properties, ScanT™ is useful for beginners and experienced users, ensuring high-quality, reliable results.

A more complete description of the properties and principles of operation of the ScanT™ software module is presented in the article “INTELLIGENT SCANT™ SOFTWARE”.

In addition, our first webinar of 2019 is dedicated to the ScanTronic™:
"ScanT™: a Shortcut to Reliable AFM Results” The webinar will be held on Wednesday, February the 20th 4PM-5PM GMT (8AM-9AM PST).

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