Press Release. NT-MDT Hosted Workshop in Berlin, Germany on Techniques of AFM-Raman-SNOM-TERS

Press Release. NT-MDT Hosted Workshop in Berlin, Germany on Techniques of AFM-Raman-SNOM-TERS


NT-MDT was proud to host a recent workshop in Berlin, Germany which was held at the Crowne Plaza Berlin City Centre Hotel on the 25th February 2016. The workshop focused on Techniques of AFM, Raman, SNOM&TERS which was opened by Sinéad Quinn from the Marketing Team inIreland.

The workshop attracted over 36 attendees from various Universities to mention a few such as TU Dresden, Potsdam University, University of Twente and also Universita Della Calbria. 
NT-MDT was excited to have present two well renowned Professors as guest speakers such asProfessor Svetlana Santer from the University of Potsdam whom presented her talk on “Heavy duties with soft matter: Response of smart surfaces with defined stimuli for applications in nanotechnology” and Professor Sylvia Speller from Rostock University whom presented her talk on “Correlative Microscopy of Excitations in Molecule Crystal Landscapes”.

Together with key personnel from NT-MDT such as General Director of NT-MDT and president of Nanotechnology Society of Russia Victor Bykov, Head of R&D Dr. Vyacheslav Polyakov who gave the opening talk “Novel in Scanning Probe Microscopy/High Resolution Spectroscopy and NT-MDT Development” and Artem Shelaev also presented his talk on “Co- localized AFM/Confocal Raman microscopy, Tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy, aperture SNOM, Infrared sSnom”.   Dr Sergei Magonov CEO of NT- MDT America presented a very interesting talk also on “Compositional Imaging of Heterogeneous Materials with Atomic Force Microscopy and Related Techniques” all helped to make this a very interesting, informative and a very memorable workshop for NT-MDT.

As well as informative talks there were live demonstrations on NTEGRA and Titanium proving results in real time.  NT-MDT were proud to also have on display the  Thermal Cabinet with Acoustic and vibration Isolationwith features such as Quiet, temperature-stable environment for NT-MDT microscopes and Sound and Thermal Protection, Heaters/Convection Paths and a Control Panel.

This one day workshop contributed to meeting new and potential customers and also gave us a chance to meet our current users where we can communicate in a relaxed environment and can also discover new and exciting plans for the future in NT-MDT such as development of new AFM controller with Amplitude, Phase and Frequency modulation and fast Hybride mode (jumping mode);thermocabinet with temperature feedback to have extremely low drift; new development of the integrated nano-IR system as well.

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