New HD-AFM Mode; Your Path to Controlling Forces for Precise Material Properties

New HD-AFM Mode; Your Path to Controlling Forces for Precise Material Properties


Dr. Sergei Magonov, Dr. Virgil Elings

NT-MDT - Your AFM & Raman Company welcomes you to join our upcoming webinar about the new HybriD (HD-AFM) mode for enhanced nano-mechanical and material properties measurement.

Presenters: Dr. Virgil Elings and Dr. Sergei Magonov.

  • Dr. Elings received a doctorate in physics from MIT and holds more than 40 patents. Virgil is a leading entrepreneur in nanotechnology, a devoted educator, and a UCSB professor of physics for more than 20 years. In 1987, he co-founded Digital Instruments Inc. in Santa Barbara, bringing one of the first commercially-available scanning probe microscopes to the scientific community.
  • Dr. Magonov received a doctorate in physics and mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Sergei has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers, 1 book, and 15 book chapters. He is now CEO of NT-MDT Development, an R&D subsidiary that was established for the development of novel experimental and applications capabilities using NT-MDT microscopes.

Atomic force microscopy (AFM) has rapidly become a powerful multifunctional characterization technique as further understanding of the tip-sample force interactions has led to the continuous development of new modes to measure and control them. The extraction of this useful information from the tip-sample interaction has fueled applications development from atomic-scale surface visualization to nano-scale material properties. Dr. Elings will present his perspective on how innovative modes emerged to solve challenging applications. Dr. Magonov will introduce the new HybriD mode technology, including the relationship to oscillatory resonant mode (e.g. intermittent contact) and oscillatory non-resonant mode (e.g. jumping) techniques. In addition, we will demonstrate the benefits of the new HybriD mode in concert with Single Pass multifrequency capabilities for the ultimate measurements of local material properties.

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