PX Ultra Controller

PX Ultra Controller

The new digital controller PX Ultra turns your routine SPM device into easy-to-use instrument for scientific breakthroughs and advanced research

The new digital controller PX Ultra turns your routine SPM device into easy-to-use instrument for scientific breakthroughs and advanced research


Innovative Research

  • The controller has 5 lock-ins amplifiers for up-one-level multi-technique leading edge measurements.
  • The up to 5 MHz bandwidth for use of HF cantilevers and high harmonic oscillations’ action for the advanced investigation of electrical and mechanical properties at nanoscale.
  • Low-noise piezoscanner control affords carrying out research by the same scanning element in the range from nanometers to tens and hundreds of micrometers.

Onward progress

  • Ease of upgrade and functional extension of controller due to convenient slot organization.
  • Regularly updated software.
  • LabView compatibility for users’ custom applications.
  • HybriD Mode™-compatible.

Operational comfort

  • Fully automated adjustment for defined measuring mode.
  • Digital and analogue peripheral ports.
  • Ask on-line support service.

Multifrequency Electrostatic force studies

General scheme

Multifrequency Electrostatic force studies, general scheme

For further information about buying and upgrade options please contact us through info@ntmdt-si.com


Parameter Value
Data Channels
Number of ADC-s 10 Fixed 1 Switchable
ADC rates 500 kHz 250 kHz
ADC resolution 18 bit 16 bit
  - 4 composite DACs (24 bit)
- 1 isolated 16 bit DAC
- 1 non-isolated 16 bit DAC
- > than 50 service DACs
Lock-in Amplifiers
Number of Lock-In Amplifiers 2 Analogue 3 Digital
Band 5 MHz 10 kHz
Number of harmonics 4 1
Gain stage 0..50 0..100
Phase/Mag calculation Digital Digital
Phase noise floor 0,01° 0,01°
Thermal Tune Yes  (up to 2,5 MHz) No
Number of generators 2 1
Bandwidth 5 MHz 10 kHz
Frequency step 0,02 Hz 0,02 Hz
Bias Voltage
Range ±10 V (can be extended)
Band 1,5 MHz
Digital resolution 24 bit
High Voltage Amplifiers
HV Range +/-300 V (0..120V for flexure stages)
Noise floor, Open Loop, XYZ  (1 kHz BW) 0,3 ppm
Noise floor, Closed Loop, XY/Z (300 Hz BW) 2/4 ppm
DAC bit composite 24
Low Voltage Mode Yes
Flexure stage support Yes, optional
Number of scan axes support Up to 12
Feedback Loops
Operation type Digital
FB Outputs Z1, X1, Y1, Z2, X2, Y2, BV, Freq, Amp
Nr. of simultaneous loops 9
FB Filtration Digital: FIR, IIR
XYZ Sensor support Yes
HybriD AFM™ Yes
Thermal controller External & Internal
Electrochemistry Yes
Magnetic controller Yes
Motorization Yes (up to 14 motors with extension board)
Spectral devices Full
Software features
Nr. of scan channels Up to 8
Nr. of scan points Up to 8000×8000
Nr. of spectroscopy signals Up to 3
Nr. of spectroscopy points Up to 10000
Angle scanning Yes
Non-square scan pixels Yes
Overscan Yes
Two pass modes Yes
Single pass modes Yes
Current lithography* Yes
Automatic laser alignment Yes (Depends on AFM setup)
Multiscan Yes (Depends on AFM setup)
Virtual signals** Yes
SDK Nova PowerScript & LabView
Point, EOL, EOS functions Triggering and custom scripts
User inputs-outputs
Analogue inputs 4
Digital inputs 1
Analogue outputs 3
Digital outputs 2
Computer interface USB 2.0
Self-test routine Yes
Power supply 110/220V
Upgradeability Yes

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