New model of Etalon probes for both contact and amplitude modulation modes


We are pleased to introduce HA_CNC, a new model of AFM probes in our range

If you need to work with soft materials in contact mode we would suggest using probes with a low stiffness constant. However, the preservation of the sample depends on other factors, for example - accurate "landing" of the probe on the surface. The most efficient algorithms for "Smooth approach" run in amplitude modulation mode, but a lot of contact probes have a very low resonant frequency and quality factor, and their work in the vibrational techniques is very limited.

HA_ CNC cantilever probes are designed in such a way as to maintain a balance between the quality factor and a constant stiffness. Each chip has two cantilevers with resonant frequencies 46 and 66 kHz, which are suitable for use in intermittent-contact mode. However, their stiffness (1-1.5 N / m) is minimal in comparison to comparable models.

On cantilevers HA_ CNC probes obtain fairly stable resonance, so they can be used not only for supply but also for scanning in amplitude-modulation mode. For instance, with a HA CNC probe our engineer was able to obtain a good image of DNA chains in high resolution, which you can see below.

In this case, the cantilevers HA_CNC have all the advantages of the Etalon series: repeatable geometric dimensions, a high aspect ratio with a needle like shape and a small radius of curvature, obtaining a high-quality topography scan.

If you would like to try our new probe model, we would be happy to hear any feedback on their use. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact our Head of Micromechanics at NT-MDT, Evgeniy Lisov (Lisov@ntmdt.ru) and our consulting engineer, Fedor Panov (Panov@ntmdt.ru), who will be able to answer your technical questions,

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