Integration of NTEGRA AFM with iXR confocal Raman system by Thermofisher Scientific

Integration of NTEGRA AFM with iXR confocal Raman system by Thermofisher Scientific


Dear colleagues,

NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments reports a successful delivery and installation of the system at Advanced Physics Laboratory of the Chapman University (MD, USA), where the NTEGRA Spectra II system was integrated with the existing iXR confocal Raman system, increasing NTEGRA Spectra II portfolio of compatibility with different commercially available confocal Raman systems, including, but not limited to, DXR and iXR from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

A combined system enables researchers at Chapman University to conduct a comprehensive characterization of materials by simultaneous mapping of chemically specific Raman bands and local topographical, mechanical, and electrical properties at nanoscale. Raman mapping can also be obtained with nanometer resolution by means of Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering (TERS) mode. Such integration creates a powerful, yet cost-effective, solution for those scientists who endeavor to push the boundaries of the known and to reveal the undiscovered.

"Our partners at NT-MDT were courageous to come to the lab in the middle of this pandemics with the risk for life, which itself created high level of respect for keeping their responsibility to customers: we needed this instrument highly for our government-sponsored project's success.

The device itself is simple and reliably performing. Many modes of operation create an impression that we possess many instruments at once, like AFM, Raman and Kelvin microscopes. The quality of optics is high, and the software is user-friendly. Another positive factor is that it is integrated with the ThermoFisher Raman module, so we can use our experience with the Omnic software for faster progress with utilization of this device.

The company representative was so kind that he provided us a number of various probes which we can try before placing online orders for the units required for our research. Interestingly, we obtained that with upgrading this unit we can perform the AFM in a liquid medium - this was a positive surprise for us since we needed it, and currently are working on this upgrading issue."

Dr. Armen Gulian

PS-PVAC composite topography obtained by AFM

Intensity map of Raman scattering band specific to PS (pink) overlayed on the topography

Intensity map of Raman scattering band specific to PVAC (orange) overlayed on the topography

If you have an existing AFM or Raman and are interested in capabilities of AFM-Raman and AFM-Raman-TERS systems that would enhance a potential of your lab and your team, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our specialists will be glad to provide you with detailed information and discuss your options.

Stay safe!

Your team at NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments

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