Invitation to 2020 Virtual MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit

Invitation to 2020 Virtual MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit

November 27 - December 4, 2020

Dear collegues,

NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments is happy to invite you to biggest annual event dedicated to material research: 2020 Virtual MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit.

Founded in 1973, The Materials Research Society is a growing, vibrant member-driven organization of over 14,000. It includes men and women from over 90 countries around the world—from the richest of nations to developing countries. MRS members come from industry, academia and national labs, and their work touches on many fields, including chemistry, biology, physics and engineering. They have skills and expertise that range from technical and organizational, to advocacy and education. And they bring rich backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, talents, gifts and cultures to our community.

Looking forward to meeting you at our virtual booth! (conference registration required).

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