Atomic Force Microscopes for Nanotechnology, Scientific Research & Education

AFM-Raman-Nano-IR Systems
Modular AFM
Automated AFM
Practical AFM

HybriD Mode™

New AFM technique
Comprehensive materials characterization
Ultimate resolution, quantitative analysis
Morphological, mechanical, chemical, electric, magnetic and
other properties within a single scan

Compatible with: TITANIUM, NEXT, NTEGRA Prima,
NTEGRA Spectra II, NTEGRA Nano IR systems


Versatile automated AFM- Raman, SNOM
and TERS system
Versatile automated AFM-Raman, SNOM 

and TERS system


Ultralow drift advanced AFM-IR & s-SNOM
imaging and spectroscopy
Versatile automated AFM-Raman, SNOM and TERS system

Solver Nano

Atomic Force Microscope for Research & Education
SOLVER Nano &ndash Atomic Force 

Microscope for Research & Education


Cutting-edge Atomic Force Microscopy techniques
for large and multiple samples
Versatile automated AFM-Raman, SNOM and TERS system

TERS probes for nano-Raman imaging

•  Record breaking Raman enhancement factors
•  Nano-Raman spatial resolution: down 10nm
•  High speed TERS* mapping
•  Mass produced, based on serial AFM cantilevers
•  Complete commercial solution for TERS


NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments is proud to invite you to our first webinar ‘2018:
“AFM integration with Laser Spectroscopy: Challenges, Solutions, Advantages”

On the webinar we will discuss the basics of technology, as well as the advanced features provided by the deep integration of AFM & Raman. Recent results published in prestigious scientific journals will be discussed.   NT-MDT SI was the first company to introduce the commercially available AFM-Raman system in 1998. Since then, NT-MDT SI has been a world leader in integrated solutions for AFM-Raman and TERS with more than 260 installations worldwide.  

To register to the webinar please follow the registration link. Please check your time zone settings at the registration page.

The webinar will take place on Thu, Jan 18, 2018 7:00 PM MSK  

Thermal Cabinet

Guaranteed the exceptionally low thermal drift of less than 0.2 nm/min. The cabinet also protects the positioned microscope from external acoustic and vibrational noises.
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