HybriD Mode™
HybriD Mode™ (HD-AFM™) is a new AFM mode for enhanced nano-mechanical and electromagnetic material properties mapping.
PX Ultra Controller
The new digital controller PX Ultra turns your routine SPM device into easy-to-use instrument for scientific breakthroughs and advanced research.
Mass changes measurements
Combination of QCM with dissipation monitoring with AFM allows to carry out simultaneous in situ observation of object topography (up to nm) and mass change (up to 0.3 ng).
Thermal Cabinet
NT-MDT SI is introducing a new THERMAL CABINET, which provides a low-thermal drift environment for scanning probe microscopes: NEXT, NTEGRA Prima, and Titanium.
SThM - Scanning Thermal Microscopy
Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM) is an advanced SPM mode intended for simultaneous obtaining nanoscale thermal and topography images. NT-MDT’s SThM kit is able to visualize temperature and thermal conductivity distribution at the sample surface.
RapidScan technology is a combination of mechanical design and high-end digital electronical solutions which allows to speed up your AFM by an order of magnitude keeping 90 µm in-plane scaninng range. All three access are equipped with high-precision closed-loop capacitive sensors.