Cornell University / Juan P Hinestroza

I am writing to express our full satisfaction with the fantastic work done by Allen in our laboratory servicing the NTEGRA and training my students and postdocts. Allen was a superb instructor and explained in great detail all the capabilities of the instrument. Allen, as a great professor, allowed my students to gain confidence in using the different SPM techniques while highlighting the physics fundamentals behind them.  While Allen was here in Ithaca mainly for training purposes he also helped us to service the instrument and found many wore parts, incorrect switching and many other mistakes we were making in the operation of the NTEGRA modules.  The quality and commitment to service of Allen was more than impressive as he took extra steps to make our instrument fully operational and his tenacity and unquenchable drive to make things work really excited my students about the great possibilities for their research. He even stayed extra half a day working with my students while he awaited for his flight back to California.

I cannot state how satisfied we are with your engineer's visit and the outstanding support we have received from NTMDT via video conferencing and chatting modules.  MANY THANKS. This level of support was the reason I purchased the instrument in the first place and it is why I highly recommend your company with all my colleagues at Cornell and other institutions.

On March 18-27  I will be in San Francisco visiting my family and attending ACS. I will make sure I will pass by NTMDT offices to say hello and thank you for your time, help and GREAT SUPPORT.


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