Workshop "Light and Matter at the nanoscale"


NT-MDT organized in collaboration with Prof Svetlana Santer of the university of Potsdam the workshop titled “Light and matter at the nanoscale” .
More than 50 people attended the workshop making it one of the most successful events of this kind organized by NT-MDT Europe BV.

Chaired by Prof Svetlana Santer as well as Dr. Yulia Alekseeva, the first day was dedicated to the theory and possibilities of AFM and SPM technology.

The invited speakers came from as far as the USA , Russia, France, Denmark and Germany creating total of 9 highly scientific presentations to the audience consisting of professors, post docs, (PhD)students, and others interested in the field of surface science.

Invited Speakers 14-02-2013

Prof Svetlana Santer:
“Polymer films with optically controlled shape and actuation on a nanometer scale"

Prof. Andre Kabashin:
“Observation of singular phase behavior in metamaterials”

Dr. Sergei Magonov:
“Advances in Studies of Polymer Structures and Their Local Properties with Atomic Force Microscopy”

Dr. Sci. Dmitry Kazantsev:
“Apertureless SNOM imaging of the semiconductor structures”

Dr. Joachim Stumpe:
“Diffractive and polarisation elements based on the photopatterning of polymers and and nanocomposites”

Prof Vladimir Popok:
“Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy Study of Ultrathin Metal Oxide Heterointerfaces"

Prof. Dieter Neher:
“Probing the nanomorphology of functional layers made from conjugated material”

Dr. Pavel Dorozhkin:
“Tip assisted optical techniques for sample characterization at the nanoscale.”

Dr. Arkadi Chipouline:

Wenxin Wang:
“Functional 3D structure in SERS and other field”

After the lectures as well as during the well deserved coffee breaks many questions were asked, new ideas were exchanged and opportunities discussed.


Special Hands on Training 15-02-2013

The second day of the workshop was completely dedicated to a direct contact with 3 systems of the product range of NT-MDT.
Our experts from Russia were available to demonstrate and answer all questions regarding NTEGRA Spectra which generated a lot of interest among the group.

We even succeeded to demonstrate live TERS during this event.

Additionally we showed Next with the multi lock in controller and provided attendees the possibilities to measure their own samples as well as play with the possibilities of the software to measure commercially available samples.

Thanks to Prof Santer’s generosity we were allowed to use the group’s NTEGRA Prima system for the hands on training as well. New and imrpvoed software under the hands of our expert provided new insights for our customers to understand the vast opportunities of this effective tool.

Overall the workshop was a great success and provided many opportunities for the participants to exchange their ideas on various matters. Our customers were able to ask direct questions to our experts and learn how to use the systems to their full potential. At the same time students and newcomers to the field of AFM and SPM had the chance to learn from more experienced participants to understand the possibilities and limits of the systems and techniques.

These 2 days were a wonderful place for open discussion and we are thankful for the active participation of the attendees, the commitment of our invited speakers, and most of all the collaboration of the group of Svetlana Santer, without their support this workshop would not have been possible to realize.

Thank you very much!- and hope to welcome you all again next year!

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