NT-MDT Announces Price Reduction on The NEXT AFM


NT-MDT, a premier global provider of innovative AFM and SPM operating in the field for over 25 years, is announcing a significant price reduction for a limited period on the NEXT AFM.

The NEXT AFM features a full range of over 40 AFM/SPM modes including Contact AFM, Spreading Resistance Imaging, Kelvin Probe Microscopy and Nanolithography to name just a few. The exceptional level of automation for both beginners and experts means higher experiment productivity.  (See attached flyer).

The NEXT AFM is a fully automated easy to use device enabling multiple Scanning Probe Microscopy modes delivering world class performance.  The NEXT features four main automatic modes including Topography Imaging Modes, Electrostatic Modes, Conductive AFM and Nano-Lithography as well as the unique HybriD Mode™ for quantitative nano-mechanical properties Mapping.

The goal of this price reduction is for NT-MDT to enable affordable and accessible automated fully AFM for as many laboratories and research institutions across the USA as possible.

“As a company NT-MDT is delighted to support the scientific community throughout the United States and we are proud to enable the expanded use of high-end, high resolution, fully automated AFM at an affordable price.” Victor Bykov, President NT-MDT

“With our local offices in Tempe, Arizona we are ideally located to support the demand in the US that this price decrease will initiate.  Particularly, given the recent news with the NSF-MRI new round of grant applications our goal with the team based here, is to provide unparalleled levels of support as we expand the use of AFM making it easier and more accessible not only to multiple users within single institutions but also to those who have not had access to a device such as this before.” Prof. Sergei Magonov President NT-MDT America Inc.

NT-MDT in the USA stands available to help all research institutions, not only with technical advice for production samples but, also providing Application Notes, demonstrations, grant application material advice and of course ongoing after sales support for The NEXT AFM.

For more information on The NEXT AFM see attached flyer or go to http://www.ntmdt.com/automated-afm/atomic-force-microscope-next

If you are interested in receiving a personalized quotation for your University or Research Institution or would like to have an initial discussion – please e-mail sales@ntmdt-america.com  in the first instance and a member of our team will be in touch ASAP.

Founded in 1990, NT-MDT has become known internationally for its next-generation instruments in AFM, STM, and hybrid technologies such as AFM-Raman.  Its microscopes have won many awards including multiple prestigious R&D 100 awards. Our mission is to enable researchers, engineers and developers to conduct nanoscale research by creating better solutions for nanotechnology instrumentation.  Along the way, we maintain a global perspective, always taking into consideration the needs of the student in the classroom, the researcher at the cutting edge in the laboratory, and the practicalities of industrial R&D.

NT-MDT has a state of the art office based in Tempe, Arizona where we conduct research, engineering, sample testing and demonstrations for our customers.

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