NT-MDT held it’s bi-annual Global Distributor Meeting GDM2012 at the European office in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


NT-MDT welcomed 18 distributors from around the world and several representatives of NT-MDT headquarters including founder and president Dr. Victor Bykov. Dr. Yulia Alekseeva, ceo of the European branch office kicked off the meeting that contained a personal welcome from Dr. Bykov and was followed by input from several distributors to share their experiences. Experts from Headquarters were giving lectures and demonstrations of new and upgraded appliances, new controllers, new products and were leading discussions of the company's strategy for the near future and progress assessment.


Dr. V.V. Polyakov, Deputy Director of Engineering at NT-MDT headquarters introduced three new scanning probe microscopes - new OPEN, significantly upgraded NEXT and Life for biological applications.

Dr. Sergei Magonov, Head of NT-MDT in the U.S. (Tempe, AZ) and renowned expert in the field of scanning probe microscopy informed about the new measurement approaches and applications of AFM NEXT.

Dr. A.A. Shchekin, Head of Software of spectral structures presented Spectrum; the new AFM-SNOM-Raman measurement system.

Dr. P.S. Dorozhkin head of product development and service applications mentioned all new possibilities of integration of AFM with optical spectroscopy.

Vice president of marketing and sales A.B. Shubin and Director of Sales Dr. Sergey Pushko introduced the new product line and presented the results of the SWOT analysis and the USP.

Dr. S.I. Leesment, Head of software development presented the new and upgraded controllers for NT-MDT scanning probe microscopes.

Traditionally the distributor meeting of NT-MDT is a place to exchange experience and information and to achieve a high level of cooperation between distributors and NT-MDT, giving a further boost to our company and expand its global market share of nanotechnology equipment.

Our thanks to all participants for their valuable input.

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