Joint ISFD-11th-RCBJSF Symposium


August 20-24, Ekaterinburg. NT-MDT participated in the Joint International ISFD-11th-RCBJSF symposium combining 11th International Symposium on Ferroic Domains and Micro- to Nanoscopic Structures (ISFD-11), and 11th Russia/CIS/Baltic/Japan Symposium on Ferroelectricity (RCBJSF-11) simultaneously with International Youth Conference “High resolution microscopy” that all were held in the Ural Federal University in Russia.

The objective of ISFD-11th-RCBJSF was to achieve an efficient cooperation among scientists from various universities, government and academic laboratories and to exchange information on various topics such as static domain structures, domain kinetics during polarization reversal, domain wall dynamics, domains in thin films, polar nanoregions and nanodomains, etc.

The Program of the event provided scientific activities, trainings and exhibition.

NT-MDT team gave a lecture “Atomic force microscopy and its applications to dielectrics and ferroelectrics” and took part in the exhibition of scientific equipment. A great interest among visitors caused NTEGRA Spectra and scientific training laboratory NANOEDUCATOR II. A representative of NT-MDT Bykov Ivan held a remote workshop on SPM NTEGRA Aura. The workshop demonstrated the process of working, measurements and images of the sample, whose structure can not be seen by the naked eye.

An opening of the Joint ISFD-11th-RCBJSF Symposium

NT-MDT team

Lecture “Atomic force microscopy and its applications to dielectrics and ferroelectrics”

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