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Revolution Cartridge

The new Revolution Cartridge with multi-probe technology for
automated replacement of cantilevers makes a breakthrough
in AFM usability.

   38 tips on Cartridge

   Fast tip exchange

   Fully automated operation

High Resolution Imaging
F14H20 molecular
chains on HOPG,
Calcite atomic
AM-AFM in liqud

NT-MDT are one of only a couple of companies that can bring you ultra high resolution modes. HybriD mode delivers clear quantitative results in nano-mechanical research and utilizes an innovative approach to accurate AFM imaging. Precise force control delivers critical advantages in comparison with common AFM techniques.


Revolution Cartridge

Revolution Cartridge


It's time for an AFM cantilever revolution


Speed up your experiments at the touch of a button

Packed full of new features

38 tips on Cartridge

Fast tip exchange

Automated operation

Choice of tips on Cartridge

Safe handling

Reduced tuning time

Maintains scanning area

One - click cantilever exchange

Revolution Cartridge brings new ease of use and confidence in AFM operation. By greatly simplifying one of the most challenging start up operations - cantilever exchange - the Revolution Cartridge with multiprobe cartridge makes system tuning fast and easy for users with any skill level. With one mouse click your AFM instrument makes a complete cantilever exchange within 30 seconds.

30 seconds to change probe

Probe retract

Cartridge revolution

Laser - diode alignment

Frequency tuning

Soft approach

Scanning parameters adjustment

Start scan



Measuring heads

Revolution Cartridge for Multi-probe Cartridges. Enables Automated Cantilever Replacement with Full Tuning.
Standard AFM Head for traditional single chip probes for traditional AFM cantilevers. Enables operation with the majority of commercial probes.
AFM Head for Liquid Studies
STM Head


Type: Tube Scanner with Closed Loop Sensors, Scanning by Sample
Scanning range, XYZ:
100×100×10 or 2×2×0.2 in Low Voltage Mode
Closed loop: Available for all Directions: XYZ
Noise: <300pm in XY and <30pm in Z for Closed Loop, <30pm
in XYZ for Opened Loop
Drive electronics noise < 5 uV/√Hz

Tip-Sample Positioning

Type: Motorized Sample positioning in XYZ
XYZ Thermal Drift: <0.2 nm/min
Moving Range: 5×5 mm in XY, 10 mm in Z
Navigation: Place of Interest Saving, Navigation by Mouse
Click on Video Image, 3D Mouse Compatible, Automated Multiple Scanning
Approach: Smart Soft Approach Algorithm

View Module

Type: Motorized Focus, Zoom and XY positioning. Calibrated with Sample and Laser  Position
Resolution: 2μm
Field of View: up to 2×2mm (1 Mpixel), up to 7×7mm using automated panoramic optical view (50 MPixel)
Autofocus: on Cantilever, on Sample
Video Recognition: Cantilever Position
Zoom: Motorized Continuous Optical Zoom


AFM Liquid Head: Contact mode, AC mode, HybriD mode, Spectroscopy
STM Measuring Head: Constant Height and Constant Current Topography, Barrier Height, States Density, I(V) Curves, I(Z) Curves
Nanoindenter Measuring Head: Sclerometry, Indenting, Measuring Approach Curves. Range of Measured quantitaties: 1 - 80 GPa for Hardness, 1 - 1000 GPa for Elasticity modulus
Heating Stage: from RT to 150 C
Signal Assecc Module +/- 50 V Voltage Extender
AFM tips: Variety of Single Chip AFM Cantilevers
Multi-probe Cartridges with 38 cantilevers of different types and coatings.
  Electronics & Software

Number of scan channels: virtually unlimited. More than 16 independent simultaneous scan channels supported
Signal Processing: 512 Mb Buffer Size, 3x 340 MHz FPGA, 320 MHz DSP
Lock-in Amplifiers: 2x Analog Lock-in Amplifiers, 3x Digital Lock-in Amplifiers (Multifrequeny AFM modes supporting)
Generators: 6x 32 bit Digital Generators, 4x for Lock-in
BV: +/- 10 V AC and DC (Independent Sample and Tip Voltage Supply), +/- 50 V AC and DC (Optional)
Self-testing: automated performance check
Maximum Scan Points: 8000×8000 Points
Scanning Parameters Auto Adjustment: Driving Amplitude, Lock-in Gain, Setpoint, Feedback Gain, Scanning Rate, Advanced Modes Configuration
Automation Features: Optical System Adjustment, Multiple Scanning on 5×5 mm Range with Scan Stitching, Overlay of Optical and AFM images , Panoramic Optical View, Place of Interest Saving, Autofocus on Cantilever, Autofocus on Sample
Programming tools: Nova PowerScript Language, LabView Integration

Optical Sensor

Light source: 850nm
Optical System Adjustment: Automated in Air and Liquid
Optical Beam Deflection Sensor Noise: <25 fm/√Hz above 100kHz

Instrument Isolation

Thermal Stabilization: Temperature Control in Acoustic Enclosure
Acoustic Isolation: Acoustic Enclosure, Motorized Build-in Protective Cover.
Seismic Isolation: Active Vibration Isolation Table
Routine Atomic Resolution: in air and liquid

Basic Set of Modes

Contact mode: Topography, Lateral Force, Force modulation, Spreading Resistance, Multifrequency Piezo Force Microscopy, Contact Resonance Microscopy.

Amplitude modulation mode: Topography, Phase Imaging, Single and Double Pass Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy with Phase and Amplitude Modulation, Double Pass and Lift Magnetic Force Microscopy, Single and Double Pass Electrostatic Force Microscopy, Single and Double Pass dC/dZ and dC/dV microscopy.

HybriD mode: Topography, Elasticity modulus, Lift and Land Adhesion, Work of Adhesion, Current, Viscoelasticity
Nanolithography: Voltage, Current, Force (All Vector and Raster), Nanomanipulation Spectroscopy: Force-, Amplitude-, Phase-, Frequency-, Current-Distance, I(V), Piezopulse, Custom mode.



TITANIUM Brochure (1.96 Мб)
Revolution Cartridge Flyer (2.17 Мб)
TITANIUM Flyer (0.96 Mb)

Expanding AFM with HybriD Mode Imaging AN 087  (2,71 Mb)
Size: A4 or Letter



High-Resolution Imaging in Different Atomic Force Microscopy Modes AN 088  (1,73 Mb)
Size: A4 or Letter



High-Resolution Imaging in Different Atomic Force Microscopy Modes. Summary
AN 088s
 (1,13 Mb)
Size: A4 or Letter

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