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23.12.2008 Download (1.06 Mb) [English]
Thomas Schmid, Christian Camus, Sebastian Lehmann, Daniel Abou-Ras, Christian-Herbert Fischer, Martha Christina Lux-Steiner, and Renato Zenobi
Spatially resolved characterization of chemical species and crystal structures in CuInS2 and CuGaxSey thin films using Raman microscopy
Published online, december 2008
21.12.2008 Download (638.74 Kb) [English]
Giada Cellot, Emanuele Cilia, Sara Cipollone, Vladimir Rancic, Antonella Sucapane, Silvia Giordani, Luca Gambazzi, Henry Markram, Micaela Grandolfo, Denis Scaini, Fabrizio Gelain, Loredana Casalis, Maurizio Prato, Michele Giugliano, Laura Ballerini
Carbon nanotubes might improve neuronal performance by favouring electrical shortcuts
Nature nanotechnology, vol 4 , february 2009
09.12.2008 Download (415.86 Kb) [English]
Xiaohu Qu, Ayman Nafady, Adam Mechler, Jie Zhang, Alexander R. Harris, Anthony P. O’Mullane, Lisandra L. Martin, Alan M. Bond
AFM study of morphological changes associated with electrochemical solid–solid transformation of three-dimensional crystals of TCNQ to metal derivatives (metal=Cu, Co, Ni; TCNQ=tetracyanoquinodimethane)
J Solid State Electrochem, 2008
24.11.2008 Download (2.83 Mb) [English]
Qingyan Wang, Jia Wang, Shulian Zhang
A nano-confined source based on surface plasmon Bragg reflectors and nanocavity
24 November 2008 / Vol. 16, No. 24 / OPTICS EXPRESS
20.11.2008 Download (228.52 Kb) [English]
Wei Wang, Andrew J. Bushby, and Asa H. Barber.
Nanomechanical thermal analysis of electrospun polymer fibers.
 APL 93, 201907, 2008.
18.11.2008 Download (365.83 Kb) [English]
Mónica Sánchez-Román, Crisógono Vasconcelos, Thomas Schmid, Maria Dittrich, Judith A. McKenzie, Renato Zenobi, Maria A. Rivadeneyra
Aerobic microbial dolomite at the nanometer scale: Implications for the geologic record
GEOLOGY, November 2008
14.11.2008 Download (454.87 Kb) [English]
Yujie Wu, Jian-guo Wan, Chuanfu Huang, Yuyan Weng, Shifeng Zhao, Jun-ming Liu, and Guanghou Wang
Strong magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic BiFeO3–Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 composite films derived from electrophoretic deposition
Applied physics letters, 93, 2008
13.11.2008 Download (504.74 Kb) [English]
M. Voinea, C. Vladuta, C. Bogatu, A. Duta
Surface properties of copper based cermet materials
Materials Science and Engineering p. 76–80, 2008
07.11.2008 Download (349.99 Kb) [English]
Yu. M. Stryuchkova and E. V. Kasatkin
Scanning Tunneling Microscopic and Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopic Studies of Nanostructure and Surface Energy Properties of Stainless Steel #Kh18N10T. 1. Measurements at Interfaces with Air and 0.1 N HCl solution
ISSN 0033-1732, Protection of Metals, 2008, Vol. 44, No. 5, pp. 430–436.
04.11.2008 Download (247.60 Kb) [English]
T. A. Kolesnikova, B. N. Khlebtsov, D. G. Shchukin, and D. A. Gorin
Atomic Force Microscopy Characterization of Ultrasound-Sensitive Nanocomposite Microcapsules
Nanotechnologies in Russia, 2008, Vol. 3, Nos. 9–10, pp. 554–563
22.10.2008 Download (1.88 Mb) [English]
H. Fischer, A. Nesci, G. Leveque & O.J.F. Martin.
Characterization of the polarization sensetivity anistropy a near-field using phase measurements.
Journal of Microscopy, Vol. 230. P.t. 1 2008. pp. 27-31
20.10.2008 Download (3.46 Mb) [English]
Assaf Zeira, Devasish Chowdhury, Rivka Maoz, and Jacob Sagiv.
Contact Electrochemical Replication of Hydrophilic - Hydrophobic Monolayer Patterns.
Department of Materials and Interfaces, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot 76100, Israel.
14.10.2008 Download (810.92 Kb) [English]
Dmitry A. Gorin, Sergey A. Portnov, Olga A. Inozemtseva, Zofia Luklinska, Alexey M. Yashchenok, Anton M. Pavlov, Andre G. Skirtach, Helmuth Mo hwald and Gleb B. Sukhorukov
Magnetic/gold nanoparticle functionalized biocompatible microcapsules with sensitivity to laser irradiation
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2008, 10, 6899–6905
13.10.2008 Download (713.40 Kb) [English]
Jozef Martaus, Dagmar Gregusova , Vladimir Cambel, Robert Kudela, Jan Soltys
New approach to local anodic oxidation of semiconductor heterostructures
Ultramicroscopy 108 (2008) 1086– 1089
10.10.2008 Download (474.43 Kb) [English]
Victor L. Mironov, Boris A. Gribkov, Dmitry S. Nikitushkin, Sergey A. Gusev, Sergey V. Gaponov, Andrey B. Shubin, Peter A. Zhdan, and Chris Binns
Magnetic Force Microscopy of Low-Coercivity Ferromagnetic Nanodiscs
24.09.2008 Download (533.89 Kb) [English]
Natalia Malchin, Tatiana Molotsky, Ezra Yagil, Alexander B. Kotlyar, Mikhail Kolot
Molecular analysis of recombinase-mediated cassette exchange reactions catalyzed by integrase of coliphage HK022
Research in Microbiology 159, 2008
17.09.2008 Download (787.73 Kb) [English]
Boris N. Khlebtsov, Vitaliy A. Khanadeyev, Jian Ye, Daniel W. Mackowski, Gustaaf Borghs, Nikolai G. Khlebtsov
Coupled plasmon resonances in monolayers of metal nanoparticles and nanoshells
Physical review B 77, 035440, 2008
17.09.2008 Download (776.47 Kb) [English]
Cheol-Heon Yea, Bumhwan Lee, Hyunhee Kim, Sang-Uk Kim, Waleed Ahmed El-Said, Junhong Min, Byung-Keun Oh, Jeong-Woo Choi
The immobilization of animal cells using the cysteine-modified RGD oligopeptide
Ultramicroscopy p. 1144– 1147, 2008
28.08.2008 Download (618.84 Kb) [English]
Irena Kratochvílová, Karel Král, Martin Bunček, Alena Víšková, Stanislav Nešpůrek, Anna Kochalska, Tatiana Todorciuc, Martin Weiter, Bohdan Schneider
Conductivity of natural and modified DNA measured by scanning tunneling microscopy. The effect of sequence, charge and stacking
Biophysical Chemistry p. 3–10, 2008
21.07.2008 Download (797.59 Kb) [English]
Klára Podhájecká, Pavel Matejícek, Jirí Vohlídal, Toshio Masuda, Jirí Pfleger
Photoelectrical behavior of perylene derivative/n-conjugated polymer system
Synthetic Metals p. 775–781, 2008
18.07.2008 Download (544.76 Kb) [English]
Anish KUMAR, Ute RABE, and Walter ARNOLD
Mapping of Elastic Stiffness in an a+b Titanium Alloy using Atomic Force Acoustic Microscopy<br>
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 2008
16.07.2008 Download (649.70 Kb) [English]
Patrick Shahgaldian, Michel A. Sciotti, and Uwe Pieles
Amino-Substituted Amphiphilic Calixarenes: Self-Assembly and Interactions with DNA
Langmuir 2008, 24, 8522-8526
27.06.2008 Download (1.78 Mb) [English]
Dora L. Guzma´n, Jason T. Roland, Harindar Keer, Yen Peng Kong, Thorsten Ritz, Albert Yee, Zhibin Guan
Using steered molecular dynamics simulations and single-molecule force spectroscopy to guide the rational design of biomimetic modular polymeric materials
Polymer p. 3892–3901, 2008
26.06.2008 Download (397.65 Kb) [English]
Amit Kumar Chawla, Sonal Singhal, Hari Om Gupta, Ramesh Chandra
Effect of sputtering gas on structural and optical properties of nanocrystalline tungsten oxide films
Thin Solid Films p. 1042–1046, 2008
18.06.2008 Download (356.45 Kb) [English]
S. Blomeier, B. Hillebrands, B. Reuscher, A. Brodyanski, M. Kopnarski, R. L. Stamps
Exchange interaction and magnetic domain formation in periodically inhomogeneous magnetic media
Physical review B 77, 094405, 2008
29.05.2008 Download (1.39 Mb) [English]
J. J. H. Gielis, P. J. van den Oever, B. Hoex, M. C. M. van de Sanden, W. M. M. Kessels
Real-time study of a-Si:HÕc-Si heterointerface formation and epitaxial Si growth by spectroscopic ellipsometry, infrared spectroscopy, and second-harmonic generation
Physical review B 77, 205329, 2008
28.05.2008 Download (1.34 Mb) [English]
A.J. Fleming, K.K. Leang
Charge drives for scanning probe microscope positioning stages
Ultramicroscopy p. 1551– 1557, 2008
16.05.2008 Download (1.49 Mb) [English]
Ludmila Frolov, Ofer Wilner, Chanoch Carmeli, and Itai Carmeli
Fabrication of Oriented Multilayers of Photosystem I Proteins on Solid Surfaces by Auto-Metallization
Advanced materials, pp. 263-266, 2008
15.05.2008 Download (531.69 Kb) [English]
P. Zolotavin, E. Permenova, O. Sarkisov, V. Nadtochenko, R. Azouani, P. Portes, K. Chho, A. Kanaev. Chemical Physics Letters 457 (2008) 342–346. Two-photon luminescence enhancement of silver nanoclusters photodeposited onto mesoporous TiO2 film.
14.05.2008 Download (579.73 Kb) [English]
Cheol-Heon Yea, Hyunhee Kim, Jungho Kim, Sang-Uk Kim, and Jeong-Woo Choi
Fabrication of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Chip Using Self-Assembled Layer of Cysteine-Modified RGD Oligopeptide
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., Vol. 492, 2008
13.05.2008 Download (260.08 Kb) [English]

Baohua Jia, Andrew H. Norton, Jiafang Li, Adel Rahmani, Ara A. Asatryan,  Lindsay C. Botten and Min Gu.
Local observation of modes from three-dimensional woodpile photonic crystals with near-field microspectroscopy under supercontinuum illumination
OPTICS LETTERS 33, 1093 (2008)

07.05.2008 Download (285.59 Kb) [English]
Anish Kumar, Ute Rabe, Sigrun Hirsekorn, and Walter Arnold
Elasticity mapping of precipitates in polycrystalline materials using atomic force acoustic microscopy
Applied physics letters 92, 2008
21.04.2008 Download (1.53 Mb) [English]
Vipin Chawla, R. Jayaganthan, A.K. Chawla, Ramesh Chandra
Morphological study of magnetron sputtered Ti thin films on silicon substrate
Materials Chemistry and Physics p. 414–418, 2008
20.04.2008 Download (292.28 Kb) [English]

A. A. Fraerman, B. A. Gribkov, S. A. Gusev, A. Yu. Klimov, V. L. Mironov, D. S. Nikitushkin,  V. V. Rogov,  S. N. Vdovichev, B. Hjorvarsson, and H. Zabel3
Magnetic force microscopy of helical states in multilayer nanomagnets

15.04.2008 Download (1.06 Mb) [English]
Joachim Loos, Alexander Alexeev
Scanning ProbeMicroscopy on Polymer Solar Cells
Applied Scanning Probe Methode X: Biomimetic and Industrial Applications, pp. 183-215, 2008
14.04.2008 Download (1.02 Mb) [English]
Ludmila Frolov, Yossi Rosenwaks, Shachar Richter, Chanoch Carmeli, and Itai Carmeli
Photoelectric Junctions Between GaAs and Photosynthetic Reaction Center Protein
J. Phys. Chem. C, Vol. 112, No. 35, 2008
03.04.2008 Download (580.79 Kb) [English]
Shaomei Yu, Feng Yan, Xingwang Zhang, Jingbi You, Peiyi Wu, Jianmei Lu, Qingfeng Xu, Xuewei Xia, and Guilin Ma
Polymerization of Ionic Liquid-Based Microemulsions: A Versatile Method for the Synthesis of Polymer Electrolytes
Macromolecules 2008, 3389-3392
02.04.2008 Download (261.70 Kb) [English]
H. Fisher, A. Nesci, G. Leveque & O. J.F. Martin.
Characterization of the polarization sensitivity anisotropy of a near-field probe using phase measurements.
Journal of Microscopy, pp. 27–31, 2008
28.03.2008 Download (1.67 Mb) [English]
Tsung-Ying Ke, Hsiang-An Chen, Hwo-Shuenn Sheu, Jien-Wei Yeh, Heh-Nan Lin, Chi-Young Lee, and Hsin-Tien Chiu
Sodium Niobate Nanowire and Its Piezoelectricity
J. Phys. Chem. C, 112, pp. 8827–8831, 2008
20.03.2008 Download (4.91 Mb) [Russian]

В.М. Грабов, Е. В. Демидов, В.А. Комаров.
Атомно-силовая микроскопия пленок висмута.
Физика твердого тела, 2008, том 50, вып. 7.

17.03.2008 Download (533.49 Kb) [English]
Anand I. Bhatt, Alan M. Bond
Electrodeposition of silver from the ‘distillable’ ionic liquid, DIMCARB in the absence and presence of chemically induced nanoparticle formation
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry , 2008
17.03.2008 Download (1,017.65 Kb) [English]

F. V. Tikhonenko, D. W. Horsell, R. V. Gorbachev, and A. K. Savchenko
Weak localization in graphene flakes.
arXiv:0707.0140v2 [cond-mat.mes-hall] 11 Jan 2008

17.03.2008 Download (336.21 Kb) [English]

Effective reinforcement in carbon nanotube–polymer composites.
Published online

17.03.2008 Download (488.59 Kb) [English]

A. Alexeev, J. Loos
Conductive atomic force microscopy (C-AFM)analysis of photoactive layers in inert atmosphere.
Organic Electronics 9 (2008)

12.03.2008 Download (119.27 Kb) [English]
Yanping Chen, Kui Ding, Ling Yang, Bo Xie, Fengqi Song, Jianguo Wan, Guanghou Wang, and Min Han
Nanoscale ferromagnetic chromium oxide film from gas-phase nanocluster deposition
Applied physics letters, 2008
06.03.2008 Download (419.63 Kb) [English]
Hsin-Yu Lin, Hsiang-An Chen, and Heh-Nan Lin
Fabrication of a Single Metal Nanowire Connected with Dissimilar Metal Electrodes and Its Application to Chemical Sensing
Analytical Chemistry, 2008, 80, 1937-1941
18.02.2008 Download (513.59 Kb) [English]
Kristina Reimhult, Keiichi Yoshimatsu, Klas Risveden, Si Chen, Lei Ye, Anatol Krozer
Characterization of QCM sensor surfaces coated with molecularly imprinted nanoparticles
Biosensors and Bioelectronics p. 1908–1914, 2008
15.02.2008 Download (894.07 Kb) [English]
Xiaofang Wang, Huagang Ni, Dongwu Xue, Xinping Wang, Ran-ran Feng, Hong-fei Wang
Solvent effect on the film formation and the stability of the surface properties of poly(methyl methacrylate) end-capped with fluorinated units
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science p. 373–383, 2008
14.02.2008 Download (2.13 Mb) [English]
Ming Xu, Vladimir V. Ermolenkov, Vladimir N. Uversky, and Igor K. Lednev
Hen egg white lysozyme fibrillation: a depp-UV resonance Raman specroscopic study
Journal of Biophotonics. 1, No. 3, 215–229 (2008)
13.02.2008 Download (174.77 Kb) [Russian]
М.В. Ломоносова, М.П. Кирпичников, К.В. Шайтан, Н.В. Малюченко, О.А. Венедиктова, К.Б. Терешкина
«Молекулярная диагностика детских инфекций методом атомно-силовой микроскопии»
12.02.2008 Download (764.06 Kb) [English]
K. Grigoras, S. Franssila, V.-M. Airaksinen
Investigation of sub-nm ALD aluminum oxide films by plasma assisted etch-through
Thin Solid Films p. 5551–5556, 2008
11.02.2008 Download (2.04 Mb) [English]
Juha Samela, Kai Nordlund, Vladimir N. Popok, Eleanor E. B. Campbell
Origin of complex impact craters on native oxide coated silicon surfaces
Physical review B 77, 075309, (2008)
07.02.2008 Download (917.42 Kb) [English]
Vipin Chawla, R. Jayaganthan, Ramesh Chandra
Structural characterizations of magnetron sputtered nanocrystalline TiN thin films
Materials characterization, p. 1015-1020, 2008
05.02.2008 Download (3.50 Mb) [English]
Shuangwu Li, Wei Wang, and Asa H Barber
Influence of Molecular Ordering on Surface Free Energy of Polymer Nanofibres using Scanning Probe Microscopy
Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 1025, 2008
23.01.2008 Download (1.60 Mb) [English]
Gorazd Planinsic and Janez Kovac
Nano goes to school: a teaching model of the atomic force microscope
Physics Education journal, January 2008
21.01.2008 Download (541.72 Kb) [English]
T Jungk, Á Hoffmann and E. Soergel
Impact of the tip radius on the lateral resolution in piezoresponse force microscopy
New Journal of Physics 10 (2008) 013019 (9pp)
18.01.2008 Download (184.41 Kb) [English]
Alberto Bolognesi, Paolo DiGianvincenzo, Umberto Giovanella, Raniero Mendichi, Alberto Giacometti Schieroni
Polystyrene functionalized with EDOT oligomers
European Polymer Journal p. 793–800, 2008
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