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27.12.2002 Download (264.38 Kb) [English]
C.A. Cooper, S.R. Cohen, A.H. Barber and H. Daniel Wagner. Detachment of nanotubes from a polymer matrix. Appl. Phys. Lett. 81, 3873-3875 (2002).
26.12.2002 Download (128.00 Kb) [English]
Z.Wang, Y.-K. Su, H.-L. Li. AFM study of gold nanowire array electrodeposited within anodic
aluminum oxide template. Appl. Phys. A 74, 563–565 (2002).
25.12.2002 Download (720.14 Kb) [English]
N.K. Sahoo, M. Senthilkumar, S. Thakur, D. Bhattacharyya. Correlation of optical and microstructural properties of Gd2O3 thin films through phase-modulated ellipsometry and multi-mode atomic force microscopy. Appl. Surf. Sci. 200 (2002) 219-230.
09.12.2002 Download (382.51 Kb) [English]
A.M. Alexeev, E.A. Kosobrodova, I.V. Myagkov. Study of monomolecular layers of azobenzene derivative by the scanning probe microscopy. Materials Science and Engineering C 22 (2002) 453–458.
05.12.2002 Download (1.11 Mb) [English]
S. Hoeppener, R. Maoz, S.R. Cohen, L. Chi, H. Fuchs, J. Sagiv. Metal Nanoparticles, Nanowires, and Contact Electrodes Self-Assembled on Patterned Monolayer Templates - A Bottom-up Chemical Approach. Adv. Mater. 14, 2002, 1036-1011.
03.12.2002 Download (1.20 Mb) [English]
S. Liu, R. Maoz, G. Schmid, and Jacob Sagiv. Template Guided Self-Assembly of
[Au55] Clusters on Nanolithographically
Defined Monolayer Patterns. NANO Letters, 2, 2002, 1055-1060.
02.12.2002 Download (475.93 Kb) [English]
A. Sharoni, O. Millo, A. Kohen, Y. Dagan, R. Beck, G. Deutscher, G. Koren. Local and macroscopic tunneling spectroscopy of Y1-xCaxBa2Cu3O7-d films: Evidence for a doping-dependent is or idxy component in the order parameter. Phys.Rev.B 65, 2002,  134526.
01.12.2002 Download (505.22 Kb) [English]
Kuznetsov VY, Ivanov YD, Bykov VA, Saunin SA, Fedorov IA, Lemeshko SV, Hoa HB, Archakov AI. Atomic force microscopy detection of molecular complexes in multiprotein P450cam containing monooxygenase system. Proteomics 2 (2002), No. 12, 1699-1705.
01.12.2002 Download (79.50 Kb) [English]
N. Shimoni, D. Azulai, I. Balberg, and O. Millo. Tomographic-like reconstruction of the percolation cluster as a phase transition.Phys.Rev.B 66, 2002, 0201029(R).
11.11.2002 Download (314.14 Kb) [English]
J. Loos, M. Tian. Low voltage scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy: state-of-the-art microscopy techniques for investigations of polymer single crystals. e-Polymers 2002, no. 036.
10.11.2002 Download (1.70 Mb) [English]
G.B. Khomutov, I.V. Bykov, R.V. Gainutdinov et al. Synthesis of Ni-containing nanoparticles in Langmuir-Blodgett films. Colloids Surf. A, 198-200, 559 (2002).
04.11.2002 Download (3.86 Mb) [Russian]
R. V. Lapshin.
Object-oriented scanning for probe microscopy and nanotechnology.
Ph. D. abstract, the Institute of Physical Problems, Moscow, 2002.
01.11.2002 Download (369.85 Kb) [English]

Nikolay I. Polushkin, J. Wittborn, C. Canalias, K. V. Rao, A. M. Alexeev and A. F. Popkov. Local magnetostrictive response of small magnetic entities in artificial Fe–Cr composites. Journ. Appl. Phys. 92 (2002) 2779-2782.

20.10.2002 Download (110.97 Kb) [Russian]

В.А. Быков. Сканирующая зондовая микроскопия для нанотехнологии. Химия поверхности и нанотехнология. Санкт-Петербург - Хилово, 23-28 сентября 2002. Материалы конференции, стр. 9.

30.09.2002 Download (4.48 Mb) [English]
G.B. Khomutov. Two-dimensional synthesis of anisotropic nanoparticles. Colloids Surf. A, 202, 243 (2002).
02.08.2002 Download (941.95 Kb) [Russian]
A. M. Alekseev, V. A. Bykov, A. F. Popkov, N. I. Polushkin, and V. I. Korneev. Observation of Remanent States of Small Magnetic Particles: Micromagnetic Simulation and Experiment. JETP Letters 75, 268 (2002). А.М. Алексеев, В.А. Быков, А.Ф. Попков, Н.И. Полушкин, В.И. Корнеев. Наблюдение остаточных состояний малых магнитных частиц: микромагнитное моделирование и эксперимент. Письма ЖЭТФ 75, 318 (2002).
01.08.2002 Download (147.47 Kb) [English]
V. N. Konopsky, S. A. Saunin, V. A. Bykov and E. A. Vinogradov. Scanning plasmon near-field microscopy: signal–noise ratio of different registration schemes and prospects for single molecule detection. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 4, 2733 (2002).
02.05.2002 Download (130.14 Kb) [English]
I.Kudryashov, P.Rutkovski, S.Suruga.
Advanced 3-D confocal microscope for Raman imaging spectroscopy.
Lecture Summary Book of 2002 Spring Conference Research Group Symposium: Front line of micro-vibrational spectroscopy, 2002, May 16th-17th. Pp.47-53.
01.05.2002 Download (1.24 Mb) [English]
A. M. Alekseev, V. A. Bykov, A. F. Popkov, N. I. Polushkin, V. I. Korneev. Observation of Remanent States of Small Magnetic Particles: Micromagnetic Simulation and Experiment. JETP Letters 75, 268 (2002).
01.04.2002 Download (552.65 Kb) [English]
I.V. Myagkov, E.A. Mazurina.
The role of the electrostatic energy of molecular dipoles in the formation of polar LB films.
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 198–200 (2002) 89–99
15.02.2002 Download (171.66 Kb) [English]

F. Patolsky, Y. Weizmann, O. Lioubashevski, I. Willner.
Au-Nanoparticle Nanowires Based on DNA and Polylysine Templates.
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2002, 41, 2323-2327

01.01.2002 Download (260.44 Kb) [English]
V.BYKOV, S.KATSUR, V.LOSEV. The measure of near-surface capacitance in contact mode of scanning probe microscope. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 267
01.01.2002 Download (241.39 Kb) [English]
A.M. ALEXEEV, S.A. SAUNIN. The use of the resonant spectroscopy for analisys of the tip-sample interaction. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 272
01.01.2002 Download (520.09 Kb) [English]
A.D.VOLKOV, M.A.ZHDANOV, A.G.POZIN. Modern Methods of Real Time Volume Imaging. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 274
01.01.2002 Download (175.42 Kb) [English]
M.A.TRUSOV, A.D.VOLKOV. Application of tools of numerical analysis to a multiexponential approximation of data series. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 277
01.01.2002 Download (110.05 Kb) [English]
V.A.BYKOV, D.A.EVPLOV, V.K.IVANOV. Metrological properties of PZT-26 ceramics SPM scanners in XY-plane and comparison between PZT-26 and PZT-19. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 280
01.01.2002 Download (81.92 Kb) [English]
A.L.TOLSTIKHINA, R.V.GAYNUTDINOV. AFM investigation of thin Fe2O3 films crystallization. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 138
01.01.2002 Download (96.87 Kb) [English]
N.I.NURGAZIZOV, A.A.BUKHARAEV, A.V.SUGONYAKO, V. A. ZHIKHAREV. High-accuracy measurements of sputtering and swelling of implanted layer with atomic force microscope. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 105
01.01.2002 Download (385.95 Kb) [English]

N. Nagasawa, H. Sugiyama, N. Naka, I. Kudryashov, M. Watanabe, T. Hayashi, I. Bozovic, N. Bozovic, G. Li, Z. Li, Z.K. Tang
Visible emission of single-wall carbon nanotubes formed in micro-channels of zeolite crystals.
Journal of Luminescence 97 (2002) 161–167

01.01.2002 Download (114.54 Kb) [English]
D.L.ZAGORSKI, A.I.VILENSKY, G.S.ZHDANOV*, B.V.MCHEDLISHVILI. AFM investigation of the track structure in polymer films. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 217
01.01.2002 Download (442.80 Kb) [English]
A.EFIMOV, S.SAUNIN. Atomic Force Acoustic Microscopy as a tool for polymer elastisity analysis. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 79
01.01.2002 Download (126.96 Kb) [English]
E.A.VOPILKIN, N.V.VOSTOKOV, А.Е.PARAFIN. Investigation of the border region of superconducting stripline. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 143
01.01.2002 Download (817.71 Kb) [English]
B.N.ZAITSEV, A.G.DURYMANOV, V.M.GENERALOV. Atomic Force Microscopy of the Interaction of Erythrocyte Membrane and Virus Particles. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 211
01.01.2002 Download (122.03 Kb) [English]
H.KACZMAREK , D.L.ZAGORSKI , M.ЊWIҐTEK. AFM investigation of poly(vinyl chloride)/poly(vinyl acetate) blends. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 214
01.01.2002 Download (201.33 Kb) [English]
A.M.ALEXEEV, E.A.KOSOBRODOVA, I.V.MYAGKOV. Graphoepitaxy of Langmuir monomolecular layers. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 135
01.01.2002 Download (144.27 Kb) [English]
A.S.ELKADY, A.ALEXEEV, Y.SEBYAKIN, M.GALLYAMOV, A.MOSKOVOTSOV, G.BISCHOFF, R.ZHDANOV, A.R.KHOKHLOV. DNA Supramolecular Complexes : Structural and Functional Peculiarities as Studied by Scanning Atomic Force Microscopy. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 181
01.01.2002 Download (62.57 Kb) [English]
V.A.BYKOV. Modern Tendency of the SPM Technique Developments. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 78
01.01.2002 Download (244.92 Kb) [English]
A.V.ZHIKHAREV, S.G.BYSTROV, P.V.BYKOV, A.YU.DROZDOV, V.YA.BAYANKIN. Influence of Si+ and Ar+ implantation on surface layer structure and mechanical characteristics of titanium alloy. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 160
01.01.2002 Download (209.97 Kb) [English]
A.V.LATYSHEV, S.S.KOSOLOBOV, D.A.NASIMOV, E.A.RODYAKINA. Atomic force microscopy of silicon stepped surface. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 11.
01.01.2002 Download (204.89 Kb) [English]
S.V.GAPONOV, B.A.GRIBKOV, V.L.MIRONOV, N.N.SALASHCHENKO, D.G.VOLGUNOV. AFM investigations of the nanoscale roughness of polymer replicas on the glass substrates. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 140
01.01.2002 Download (226.99 Kb) [Russian]
Л.С. Васильев, С.Ф. Ломаева. К анализу механизмов, ограничивающих дисперсность порошков, полученных методом механического измельчения. Физ. Металлов и Металовед. 93, № 2, 1 (2002).
01.01.2002 Download (117.79 Kb) [English]
A.ANKUDINOV, A.TITKOV, V.EVTIKHIEV, E.KOTELNIKOV, V.KOZLOV, N.BAZHENOV, G.ZEGRYA, H.HUHTINEN, R.LAIHO. Electrostatic force microscopy of Si- and GaAs- based device structures. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 19
01.01.2002 Download (1.10 Mb) [English]
G.L.PAKHOMOV, N.V.VOSTOKOV, V.M.DANILTSEV, V.I.SHASHKIN. AFM study of dry etched cleavages of AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs heterostructures. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 89
01.01.2002 Download (355.61 Kb) [English]
O.V.KARBAN, E.I.SALAMATOV, A.M.LYAKHOVICH. AFM, XPS and X-ray investigations of nanoceramics. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 108
01.01.2002 Download (239.53 Kb) [English]
A.M.LYAKHOVITCH, A.V.DORFMAN, M.A.SHYROBOKOV. Characteristics of films obtained in plasma of some saturated hydrocarbons. AFM investigation. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 114
01.01.2002 Download (139.54 Kb) [English]
Y.N.DROZDOV, S.V.GAPONOV, B.A.GRIBKOV, D.V.MASTEROV, V.L.MIRONOV, Y.N.NOZDRIN, N.V.VOSTOKOV. SPM investigations of the morphology features and local electric properties of the HTS YBaCuO thin films. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 117
01.01.2002 Download (89.07 Kb) [English]
D.V.SHEGLOV, A.V.PROZOROV, D.A.NASIMOV, A.V.LATYSHEV, A.L.ASEEV. Peculiarities of nanooxidation on flat surface. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 126
01.01.2002 Download (955.99 Kb) [English]
A.G.TEMIRYAZEV, M.P.TIKHOMIROVA, I.FEDOROV, V.ROSCHIN, V.SHEVYAKOV. Investigation of yttrium iron garnet film with optical and magnetic force microscopy. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 129
01.01.2002 Download (87.58 Kb) [English]
S.G.BYSTROV, A.A.SHAKOV, A.V.ZHIKHAREV. Probe modifications and development of model samples for use in chemical force microscopy. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 163
01.01.2002 Download (208.51 Kb) [English]
V.G.DEDKOV, V.V.OBUKHOVA, N.N.BELUSHKINA, A.E.EFIMOV. Scannig probe study of human blood mitochondria immersed in sucrose buffer solution on mica substrate. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 178
01.01.2002 Download (205.99 Kb) [English]
V.V.VOLKOV, R.L.KAYUSHINA, V.A.LAPUK, A.L.TOLSTIKHINA, R.V.GAYNUTDINOV, E.V.SHTYKOVA, D.I.SVERGUN. Determination of low resolution structure of human immunoglobulin M and rheumatoud factor IgM-RF in solution. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 220
01.01.2002 Download (145.94 Kb) [English]
A.A.FRAERMAN, S.V.GAPONOV, B.A.GRIBKOV, V.L.MIRONOV, N.N.SALASHCHENKO. Determination of the X-ray mirror component angle dependence and effective surface roughness on the basis of AFM measurements. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 235
01.01.2002 Download (376.67 Kb) [English]
V.SOKOL, A.VOROBYOVA, E.OUTKINA, I.FEDOROV, V.SHEVYAKOV. SPM investigation of porous anodic oxides for Ni dots nanometer scale preparation. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 132
01.01.2002 Download (140.70 Kb) [English]
V.A.BYKOV, S.A.SAUNIN, I.V.DUSHKIN, A.V.MEZIN. Second mode (190 kHz) of the vibration of the turning fork application in shear-force measurements. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 258
01.01.2002 Download (328.32 Kb) [English]
V.A.BYKOV, M.E.ALEXEEV, A.V.BELYAEV, I.DUSHKIN, A.V.IKONNIKOV, V.K.IVANOV, A.D.SAMOILENKO, S.A.SAUNIN, V.V.ZHIZHIMONTOV. Peculiarities of SPM design and methods for biology application. SPM-2002, Proceedings. P. 261
01.01.2002 Download (193.62 Kb) [English]
S.LEMESHKO. Ultrasharp tips formation based amorphous tungsten cantilever coatings. SPM-2002, Proceedings. 264
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