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04.12.1998 Download (1.17 Mb) [English]
A.L. Stepanov, D.E. Hole, A.A. Bukharaev, P.D. Townsend and N.I. Nurgazizov, Reduction of the size of the implanted silver nanoparticles in float glass during excimer laser annealing, Applied Surface Science (136) 4 (1998) pp. 298-305
05.09.1998 Download (781.02 Kb) [English]
V. Shevyakov, S. Lemeshko, V. Roschin. Conductive SPM probes of base Ti or W refractory compounds. Nanotechnology, 9 (1998) 352-355.
01.09.1998 Download (2.04 Mb) [English]
R. V. Lapshin.
Automatic lateral calibration of tunneling microscope scanners.
Review of Scientific Instruments, vol. 69, no. 9, pp. 3268-3276, 1998
05.05.1998 Download (303.35 Kb) [English]
V. Bykov, A. Gologanov, V. Shevyakov. Test structure for SPM tip shape deconvolution. Applied Physics A Materials Science & Processing, Abstract Volume 66 Issue 5 (1998) pp 499-502
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