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24.09.1994 Download (1.08 Mb) [English]
P. Facci, V. Erokhin, A. Tronin, C. Nicolini. Formation of Ultrathin Semiconductor Films by CdS Nanostructure Aggregation. J. Phys. Chem. 1994, 98, 13323-13327.
23.04.1994 Download (796.48 Kb) [English]
P. Facci, V. Erokhin, C. Nicolini. Scanning tunnelling microscopy of a monolayer of reaction centres. Thin Solid Films, 243 (1994) 403-406.
23.03.1994 Download (845.85 Kb) [English]
F. Rustichelli, S. Dante, P. Mariani, I.V. Myagkov, V.I. Troitsky. Surface potential studies of monolayers of surfactant donor and acceptor molecules. Thin Solid Films, 242 (1994) 267-272.
21.02.1994 Download (985.30 Kb) [English]
A. Tronin, T. Dubrovsky, C.De Nitti, A. Gussoni, V. Erokhin, C. Nicoloni. Langmuir-Blodgett films of immunoglobulines IgG. Ellipsometric study of the deposition process and of immunological activity. Thin Solid Films, 238 (1994) 127-132.
21.02.1994 Download (893.29 Kb) [English]
V. Erokhin, S. Vakula, C. Nicoloni. Reversed micellar approach as a new tool for the formation and structural studies of protein Langmuir-Blodgett films. Thin Solid Films, 238 (1994) 88-94.
23.01.1994 Download (1.07 Mb) [English]
M. Male, E. Stussi, D.De Rossi, T.S. Berzina, V.I. Troitsky. Scanning tunneling microscopy imaging of conducting Langmuir-Blodgett films. Thin Solid Films, 237 (1994) 225-230.
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