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On the ceremony of R&D 100 Award!


NT-MDT team received the R&D 100 Award in Orlando (USA)

In the end of June 2011 NANOEDUCATOR II was named a recipient of R&D 100 Awards 2011. On the 13th of October 2011 the R&D 100 Award ceremony was held in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The Editorial Director of R&D 100 Award Magazine and the Editor-in-Chief of Advantage Business Media presented the award to the NT-MDT team represented by Andrey Bykov - VP of R&D, information resources and service, Vladimir Kotov - VP of production, Denis Stoiakine - CEO of NT-MDT Service & Logistics Ltd., Robert Wynne - product development manager of NT-MDT Service & Logistics Ltd.

NT-MDT received the R&D 100 for the scientific measurement training complex based on a scanning probe microscope (SPM) NANOEDUCATOR II as one of the most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace over the past year.

“It was an impressive and memorable event,” said Andrey Bykov VP of R&D “and our team was very proud to obtain the recognition of R&D 100, especially proud to receive the third award: our SPM NTEGRA Spectra won in 2006, SOLVER Next in 2009, and now is the turn of NANOEDUCATOR II”

The NANOEDUCATOR II is a high stability mid-range atomic force (AFM) / scanning tunneling microscope (STM) specially built for high schools and universities as well as to professional training.

It can be used in biology (cells, viruses, bacteria, DNA), material science (metals, semiconductors, dielectrics, polymers, photovoltaic cells), data storage devices (hard drivers, CDs), micro- and nanostructures (gratings, self-organizing systems).

The NANOEDUCATOR’s main features are:

  • Improved quality of scanning results and high efficiency due to the use of a new digital controller
  • Low noise closed-loop scanner 100x100x10 µm
  • AFM / STM atomic lattice resolution
  • Easy adjustments
  • Robust design
  • Remote control via Internet

The software runs under the operating WinXP® and Mac® OS. It performs 2D and 3D images and nano-scaled manipulations. Also it includes a special applet for the Mac version to share data via iPhoneTM and iPadTM.

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