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Nanotechnology world through children’s eyes


The modern education demands not only excellent theory knowledge, but also practical skills that would help pupils to integrate into the new world of colleges and institutes. Ability to operate the devices is required for studying natural science discipline, but such skills become a significant factor for interdisciplinary spheres, e.g. nanotechnology.

In the beginning of this year 35 Russian institutes and universities got the unique nanotechnology training laboratories with SPM NANOEDUCATORS, Mac computers, and comprehensive kits of laboratory courses. Such a great supplying became possible thanks to all-Russian contest “Equipment supply to studying nanotechnological laboratories”, held in the framework of the special national project “Education”. For nowadays overall quantity of the installed scientific-training complexes NANOEDUCATOR is 70 in Russia and 20 in the scientific centers all over the world.

Educational process with NANOEDUCATOR includes observation and studying of the substances as well as results interpretation. Pupils learn to hypothesize, collect necessary materials, and discuss the experiment results with the teacher.

Comprehensive remote control from the teacher’s workstation makes studying much more effective. It provides monitoring and remote access to any of the pupils’ workstations, as well as remote instructions and error correction.

The pupils show great interest to the nanodiagnostics methods, they are long for examining new scientific spheres, and even make their own projects. For example, the scientific-research chemistry project by Maxim Andreev deserves special attention. Maxim is the pupil of the Tver school #45 (the project tutor PhD B.Tikhonov). Maxim’s project won the first prize in the “Chemistry” section of the XII Scientific-Practical School Conference “Step to the Future”. The young researcher investigates lead sulphide by SPM methods.

Considerable work was made by pupils of the lyceum under the Ulyanovsk State University. V.Aidarov, G.Makogonuk (7th studying year), and A.Sedov (8th studying year) analyzed nanostructures of crystal surfaces, obtained from solution put under different physical forces (Physics, Mathematics, Informatics Lyceum #40; Experimental group “Solaris”, tutor I.P.Ivanov).

Thus an important first step towards training of the next nanotechnologists generation was made thanks to SPM NANOEDUCATOR.

Maxim Andreev "The research of… lead sulphide "   (Rus) (500 Кб)

V.Aidarov, G.Makogonuk, A.Sedov "Nanostructure of the crystal surface”   (Rus) (1,3 Мб)

Thanks letter of the Ulyanovsk State University for NANOEDUCATORS installation. (Rus)

©The pictures were made by A.Milka “Pskovskaya Pravda”, and Astafiev Krasnoyarsk State Pedogogical University.

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