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NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments Head Office

At the head office the following companies are located:

Scientific and technical company Limited Liability company (STC LLC) 
AFM Instruments development, delivery, installation & support

“NT-MDT” Limited Liability company (LLC “NT-MDT”)
AFM Instruments R&D 

“MILTON” Limited Liability company (LLC “MILTON”)
AFM Instruments manufacturing

Central office:
NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments
Proezd 4922, 4/3   Zelenograd,
Moscow 124460,  Russia

  +7 (499) 110-2050 
  +7 (499) 110-2070


Postal address:
  NT-MDT Co. Post Box 144 Building 317-А  Zelenograd, Moscow 124482,  Russia




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